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What’s Saman Hawala?

Saman Hawala is one of the Samani Darya Companies part which is transfer money from Iraq to China via (Pay Pal – ABS account – Union pay – Wechat pay – Alipay) that helps customers to pay Chinese sellers for their items.

* Where’s your offices?

For now, we only have two offices. One is in Erbil city in Iraq and the other is in Guangzhou city in China.

* How it works?

1- First, you have to register yourself in Samanidarya’s Saman Hawala and the account must be acceptable by the Admin of Saman Hawala.
2- Click the above button of guide and choose new payment (Fill in all the needs and click the Submit button) and then your order moves to Pending section, you can do these procedures without having enough balance and your request will be replied within 2 working hours, then your order moves to Accepted section.
3- If you want Confirm your order, you must have enough balance to get accepted of the payment so that the China office can do it for you.
4- To add enough money for your payment order, you should visit our office, transfer money to us via money transfer offices or via Fast Pay, after receiving your money the balance will be added to your account and you can get confirm payment.
5- After getting Confirmed payment, you can get the payment slip within less than 24 hours of working time and then you can send it to your supplier.

* Is there any commission for the transferring money?

- Yes and it’s according to the money amount.

* What types of account does Tazabazar have?

* How is the Chinese RMB calculated?

- It depends on Erbil financial stock exchange.

* How to cancel my order of the payment?

- If the payment is not being done yet, then we can cancel it but otherwise we are sorry.

* Can I have more balance and use them when need it?

- Yes you can put more balance and do your payments anytime you may want them and see the procedures.

* Can I get my more or extra money when I may need them?

- Yes you can but you should inform us 24 hours before doing it.

* What if I forget my password?

- You should click on "forgot my password'' and get a new password via your valid email and then you can use and change it.

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